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  • REACH Testing Services
  • In-vitro Laboratory Services
  • Contract Research Services
  • Preclinical Testing Services
  • Project Management
  • Study Monitoring
  • Regulatory Services
  • Life Science Expert Services

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We take on the responsibility for ensuring that your project will be a success. This means that we organize and manage the full commission – from the initial talks to project conclusion.

Benefi­t from our know-how and our experienced network of partners: Scrupulously selected experts, toxicologists and more than 80 accredited testing laboratories and service providers with an over 20 years' track record in the industry.

We, INVITRO-CONNECT GmbH, are a team of professionals in the areas of study coordination, project management, study monitoring, quality assurance and standardization and optimization of project processes. We therefore can take care of a large number of test substances and products in collaboration with our partners.

Full range support of your projects
Confidently place your entire project support into our hands. We assure you that we will take full responsibility of your projects as if they were our own.

We provide final test reports including the registration dossier, of course in the format of your choice, digital as well as on paper and worldwide.
This applies for the full range from the development of an excellent test strategy, over the project and laboratory coordination to study monitoring, toxicological expertise and GLP inspections at the affiliated laboratories.

All data will be delivered to you “ready to archive” contained in a clean folder including a detailed table of contents. Of course also a digital copy on CD-ROM will be included. All this is part of our standard service. In the end you will receive only a single invoice with an itemized and transparent list of all services.

Gladly we offer to take over the entire outsourcing of your activities in product registration including contacts with the authorities. This service we successfully perform for many clients.

Speedy processing
We check with over 80 affiliated laboratories and providers to ensure that capacity is available for your project. In the past, this method has proven to cut processing times significantly. At the same time, we make sure that all partners are working at full capacity – a policy that affects prices favorably.

Up-to-date project overviews
We constantly keep you updated with the latest testing and project overviews every two to four weeks. Interim results can be seen at any time

High-quality results
INVITRO-CONNECT GmbH puts together the right team for each project. Thanks to our familiarity with the laboratories and the experts, we commission those most suited for the specific service. That way we can guarantee high-quality results.

Best price-performance-ratio
With our unique concept of INVITRO-CONNECT, our skilled experts from the entire cooperation network and our optimal as well as customized project monitoring package you will get the best value for money for your scientific projects.

in vitro-Tests – Contract Research Services – 80 Testing Laboratories - Project Management – Product Safety – Regulatory Affairs